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How to Care for Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll Cat

The ragdoll cat is a large breed of cat, compared to other feline breeds. It has gained a reputation for being easygoing and mellow. Ragdoll kittens grow up to have long, thick fur coats and markings that resemble its siamese cousin. They have gained the name “Ragdoll” because of how they flatten into a ragdoll when you hold them, this quality makes them the perfect cuddling cat. Taking care of your ragdoll cat should involve a regular feeding and grooming schedule, along with regular visits to the veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations. If you manage to do these things and take good care of your ragdoll cat, they will be happy, healthy, and overall a more enjoyable pet.


ragdoll kitten feeding

Fresh food and clean water is an absolutely necessary for your ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll has very similar eating habits to other car breeds. It is advised that you always have a bowl full of dry food available for your cat, as well as a bowl of clean water. Wet types of cat food is probably not needed on a daily basis, but you can use your discretion, based on what your cat prefers. Being one of the largest domestic cat breeds, the ragdoll’s diet should be high in fatty acids is ideal for helping with their large bone structures, as Omega 3s are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and help reduce swelling and prevent joint pain.

You may need to play around and experiment with different brands and flavors of food to see what your cat best responds too. You should also try to add variety to your cats diet and add in different types of cat food. We recommend feeding your cat one of the premium brands of food, such as “Merrick Purrfect Bistro” because the quality is usually better. Usually ragdoll kittens should have a special formula of food, so its best to check with your veterinarian or local pet shop if your not sure.

Tip: Your cat’s water and food bowl should be cleaned daily to prevent the build up and spread germs.


Grooming Ragdoll Cat

The coats of ragdoll cats can vary in hair type and thickness. Their hair is usually relatively think and soft to the touch, with a length that ranges from medium to long. Being cats, they can do a pretty decent job of grooming themselves, and therefore don’t require much brushing on our end, but that is up to you as the owner. But it is still recommended to brush them diligently a couple of times a week to prevent their fur from matting and knots from forming. Using innovative products like a cat grooming glove can make this process seem-less and less of a chore¬†while managing to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from you cat.

Tip: Ragdolls actually enjoy being groomed, which make the whole process easier for you!


If grooming is done regularly and properly, regular bathing might not be necessary. Though it is still advised to bath your ragdoll at least every other month to clean the coat if really dirty or if they picked up dirt and other elements that cant be brushed out normally. It is also very imports to make sure that you are using shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made and formulated for cats. Using normal human washing products on your cat can be harmful to them.


Cat claws

This can be a touchy subject among cat owners, that has varying opinions. Declawing cats in general are not recommended and the same goes for ragdolls. But it may be necessary if it is done with the reason of keeping the household safer, especially when children are involved. If the condition of furniture is your main concern then clipping you cats claws on a regular basis can be done to avoid any unwanted damage. Also it is important to keep in mind that if you declaw your ragdoll cat, you are essentially limiting its defense against other animals and threats it may encounter, so in this case it may be best to limit its exposure to the outside world during this time. So with this information in mind your, make your decision to declaw your cat very carefully, as this process is not reversible.

Tip: When clipping or trimming your cats claws, it is best to use specialized cat clippers to avoid unintentional damage or harm to your cat.


When deciding where to place your cat’s litter box, you should look for a location that is secluded to allow for privacy for the cat and other persons in the household. But don’t choose a location that is so secluded that it makes the process of cleaning the litter box difficult. Usually a room like the laundry room or a spare room. There is also the option of having multiple litter boxes in multiple locations, this is up to you. In terms of litter box maintenance, it is recommended to scoop out the inside of the litter box at least once a day and replacing the litter weekly. This number goes up proportional to the number of cats you have. There are many different choices of litter on the market to choose from, it usually boils down to your preference. But another factor that should influence your decision is wether your cat feels comfortable using it or not, so it might require a bit of testing in the beginning.


Cat Veterinarian

Veterinarian visits with your cat should be made on a regular basis to maintain your cats health. But the frequency of the visits are usually decided by the veterinarian, depending on the individual needs of your cat.

It is advised to get your cat vaccinated and provide it with any other treatments that will keep them healthy and safe.

If your cat is a bit more adventurous and enjoys the outdoors more than being inside, they may have a higher chance of contracting diseases or getting hurt. With this is mind always disclose to your vet the conditions of which your cat is exposed to.

Thank you for reading our short guide about caring for your Ragdoll cats.


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